Product Review: Carmex lip balm!

*unsponsored post*

So this week, I thought I would do a product review. I chose to tell you about Carmex lip balm.

This stuff has honestly been fantastic. My lips before were constantly dry and chapped, but this stuff saved me. It’s great for a whole list of reasons.

  1. It soothes your lips.
  2. It smells great.
  3. It lasts for AGES. I mean ages like a good few hours, even with eating and drinking.
  4. Makes your finger soft too (who doesn’t want soft fingers)
  5. On sale at Primark for under £2
  6. Also on sale on Amazon (in case you can’t get into a store) for under £2.
  7. Makes my lips feel good.
  8. Makes my lips look better and healthier.

I mean, there is just 8 reasons. I could go on but 8 is enough. If that doesn’t convince you to go buy a pot of the good little stuff, then you should just try some, its great. Now go to your nearest shop, get some, and tell me how great it is.

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