Gabby’s 23rd birthday meal!

So, last Sunday, I took my best friend, Gabby, out for her 23rd birthday. We went to the Smoke Pit in Northampton town centre and it was DELICIOUS! Everything about it was scrummy and we had the best time. We spent a couple of hours chatting, laughing and eating.
The food was beautiful. We didn’t have any starters, but we did have mains and a dessert. I had the normal burger and it had a beef burger, bacon, cheese, gherkins, tomato and a brioche bun. It came with a side of salad and fries, which were both so good.

Gabby on the other hand, had a blue cheese burger, which was essentially the same, but topped with blue cheese. It also came with sweet potato fries instead (LOVE THEM -you gotta try them if you haven’t already). We ordered an extra side of mac and cheese which was heaven in a bowl (so good).

Dessert wise, I can safely say, I died and went to heaven.I had a peanut butter and chocolate brownie stack with salted caramel ice cream to share. Honestly, this piece of food was incredible. It melted in your mouth and oh dear lord it was fab. Mouth-wateringly fab.

I could not recommend a restaurant more than the Smoke Pit. Go there and get your little butts down to that place, NOW. DO IT, GO.


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